Being faithful to God involves committing our time, talents, and treasure to bringing about God’s “kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.” Giving is just one of several necessary disciplines in being a faithful disciple. (Also important are worship, prayer, Bible/faith studies, and communing with the whole body of Christ’s church.)

Financial gifts may be mailed to the church, presented during in-person worship, or given here:

If you’d like your gift divided between our General Fund, outreach/missions, or other specified funds below, please email the church office, with "Financial Secretary" in the subject line, and include your specific instructions.

If you are able to add 3% to your online gift, that extra amount will cover the processing costs for the convenience of online giving, and for which we would be most grateful.

Some of our special or seasonal offerings include:

  • Food Basket Program (Community Distribution)
  • Week of Compassion (Global Emergency Relief, Refugee and Development Fund)
  • Reconciliation Ministries (Racial Justice Efforts)
  • Easter—Supports Disciples’ General Ministries
  • Pentecost—Supports Disciples’ new church starts and revitalization of established churches
  • Thanksgiving—Supports 17 Disciples-affiliated colleges and seminaries
  • Christmas—Supports the Disciples’ Ohio Region (Administration/Services)
  • Various specific Christmas outreach projects for children and families (i.e., Cleveland Christian Home, Angel Tree, Laundry Love, etc.)


Nominate your favorite NECC staff member, officer, or friend in the pew to receive a pie in the face as we pump up our outreach funds for ministry for the 2021-22 program year. Nominations are ongoing, with Pie Day happening on Sunday, October 3, when nominees receiving the largest donation total will receive their pie. More details, including our outreach giving in 2020 & 2021, may be found in the 8/31/21 Voice (our newsletter). Donations may be given via our PayPal links (near the top of this page) or mailed directly to the church office (please remember to designate which nominee's pie fund should receive your gift).

Worship Online

Can't be with us in person? Worship with us virtually each Sunday at 9 am or Thursday at 7 pm. (Archived at


Being faithful to God involves committing our time, talents, and treasure to bringing about God’s kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven.” Learn how you can help support our mission.