Things are...Different Here

Our building has been undergoing renovations—a new roof and interior changes, with bold new colors and refreshed spaces.

And isn’t that what experiencing God’s love can do for our lives?

We know that God loves us as we are, flaws and all.

But it is our response to that love makes us want to be our best selves.

Jesus lived among us to tell us the truth about what it means to love well.

He told us to forgive, exercise compassion, feed the hungry, esteem those whom society discounts, comfort the afflicted, show justice and mercy to those who are mistreated, value people over profits, and speak truth even against the tide of popular opinion.

Those words and actions invite us to renovate our hearts, our lives, our neighborhoods, and our world.

If you seek to know and worship a God of love; if you’d like to learn what’s in the Bible and its relationship to the history and culture of ancient times, as well as its amazing relativity to today’s society and your own life; and, if you want to know and actually DO the things Jesus said, we think you’ll find quite an exciting spiritual renovation taking place at NECC. As a congregation—and as individuals--we’re making our own interior changes, finding bold new colors within, and refreshing our attitudes.

We’d love to have you join us in this exciting work!

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