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Minister: Dr. Paul H. Durbin
Licensed Minister: Judy Ponting
Christian Ed. And Youth Director: Polly Tallos
Secretary: Londa Blaine				
Pathways Counseling and Growth Center: Dr. Ralph Thompson
Choir Director: Kyle Vander Schrier
Pianist: Carla McElhaney
Grafton, OH 44044
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Text Box: Paul’s Place—December 2007
“What’s Wrong With Work?”

Londa tells me that her grandchild doesn’t get home work.  It’s called “home fun”.  The idea is that the children will be more likely to do it if we call it “fun”.  The children are not fooled.

So, what in the world is wrong with the idea of work?  Why do we have to try and fool the children by calling it “fun”.  The implication is that “work” is a bad thing.  I was taught that a hard day’s work was something in which one could take pride.  If we teach our children that everything has to be fun and entertaining, what will that do to the job force?  What will it do to employers who are expecting a full day’s work out of their employees?  Will it become an employers concern that one’s employees have a full day of fun?

What does the church do with the idea that worship is the “work” of the congregation? Yes, work.  It is work to get up in the morning when it’s your only day to sleep in.  It is work to face your sins, your weaknesses, your failures, and ask for forgiveness from God. It is work to take part of one’s income and give it to the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.  It is work to sit and listen and concentrate on the proclaimed word of God from the pulpit.  It is work to grow spiritually.  It is work to sing praises to God when one’s week has been difficult and one wonders if there is  anything worth singing about.  It takes work for the choir and musicians to get ready to perform for God.  It takes work to get the kids to church.  

I am afraid that if we decided that “work” is a bad thing and that everything
has to be fun, people will evaluate worship by its entertainment fun value.  
People will get the idea that worship is about what they take home rather than
what they give to God.  Just think of what a tragedy that would be.