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“Working together to make the difference that matters.”

Text Box: North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
35895 Royalton Rd.                                                                                                                                           Grafton, Ohio 44044
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Minister: Dr. Paul H. Durbin
Licensed Minister: Judy Ponting
Christian Ed. And Youth Director: Polly Tallos
Secretary: Londa Blaine				
Pathways Counseling and Growth Center: Dr. Ralph Thompson
Choir Director: Kyle Vander Schrier
Pianist: Carla McElhaney
Grafton, OH 44044
Permit No. 8
Text Box: Paul’s Place —–JULY 2007

A couple of weeks ago, Michaelene and I had the pleasure of going to the dinner theater in Akron.  The meal was good and so was the production of West Side Story.  We also had a wonderful time with George and Diana Butcher.  They were fun and most patient.  “Patient?” you ask, “What does patience have to do with anything?”  George and Diana picked us up at our Brunswick home which was most thoughtful and kind.  The conversation was going well as we talked about the menu and what we might select.  It was a most relaxing trip with plenty of time allowed to get in the front of the line at the dinner theater, when Diana casually commented, “You remembered your tickets, didn’t you?”  Now, one might consider this an unusual question for one responsible adult to pose to another responsible adult.  One might even take issue with the perceived need to pose such a question.  One might consider several responses if one had remembered their tickets.  “Oh no,” was the only response possible as I remembered the tickets on the top of my dresser.   There were no choices available to us as we got off I-17 at the Medina exit and turned around to correct my mistake.  It would have been pointless to continue the journey if I had no tickets.  

There was no real choice.  We had to turn around and get the tickets if the trip was to end in a meaningful way.  I could have smiled and said, “Of course I have the tickets,” and then figure out what to do at the theater.  I could have ignored the question and talked more about the menu and what I was going to order.  I could have turned to Michaelene and said, “That was your responsibility.  You do have the tickets? Right?”                     I could have lied to myself and others and said, “George never sent me the tickets.”                 So, I did have some choices, but they would not have done much good.  The only real choice was to say, “I forgot.  They are on my dresser.”  I was embarrassed, but none of that mattered.  We had to turn around.

You may know someone or you may be someone, who needs to turn around and get their life in order.  It is absolutely silly, sinful, and even suicidal, to continue on a                   journey when you know it will end up badly.  It is offensive to God and humanity to set one’s course  toward a failed end when one could simply turn around and make it right. 

I am thankful that Diana posed the question.  We turned around, retrieved the tickets, and arrived in just the right amount of time.  It was a wonderful evening.