Text Box: JUNE——– Birthdays & Anniversaries
2    Erma Yost 
5    Jim & Linda Ickes 
6    Adam Wilson
       Barry & Melissa Daniels
        Ronda & Vic Susak
 9    Gabriella Laney
Genene Slusher
         Karen Konko
12  Sharon  & Mike Kiesel  
13   Amy Sheldon
14   Linda Spitzer 
        Shari Hales
       Jeff Hensley
       Mike & Denise Mott
15  Angie Carter
       Jessica Dusky
        Wil & Linda Morrison
17  Tom Kohler
       Stu & Bonnie Hicks
18  Jane Eakins
       Mike Gross
       Betty Hawke
       Bob & Janet Lynch  
19  Matthew Thompson
20  James Moran
        Vic Cogan
21  Jay Harford
22  Del Ott 
Ruth Haupt
         Kevin Hritz
        Ralph & Becky Thompson
24  Denise & Gary Ames
25  Ed Carter
       Cindy & Glen Thompson
26  Margaret Bokar 
        Tammy Walsh
29  Karen & John Klinect
30  Mike Mott
       George Butcher
Text Box: Workcamp ——Stock Certificates

The High School Youth will once again be selling Stock in their Mission Trip.  This July we will be traveling to Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada to  help  repair the homes of the Walpole Indians.  It cost $462 for each participant.  Each work camper has to pay a non-refundable $50 registration fee.  They will also be responsible for selling $200 worth of Stock, along with helping at all of our fund raisers.  Please see the youth in the Fellowship Hall after Worship or                    contact them directly.

    Workcamp Participants for July 2007 

	Nikki Teper		JJ Haumschild
	Julie Haumschild	Tyler Bokman
	Polly Tallos		Dan Hicks
	Any questions please contact Polly Tallos.

Church Camp
Church Camp registrations are due now.  If you still need a registration form please see Polly Tallos.  The cost for a week of church camp is $265 total.  NECC will pay half the cost for ANYONE who wants to go.  That makes your cost $133. Feel free to             invite a friend or friends.  The new             promotional video is here!   It will
be showing in the Fellowship Hall 
after worship.

The Christian Church in Ohio is also offering some new camp  experiences this             summer.   Grandparents camp for  grandparents and one child going into 1st  or 2nd grade,            June 8-9.  Bereavement camp for children and teens who have experienced the loss of a loved one is also available.

Five of our junior youth will be attending Camp  Otter partnership Camp, June 17-23.  Partnership Camp is for children in the 3-5th grades.  This  year it is being held at Camp Christian the same week as Cuyahoga Chi Rho Camp.  We have two youth at Chi Rho camp and Polly will be the Assistant                      Director that week. The following week, June 24-30, two CYF will be attending Hiram Conference.  Three more will attend Wilmington Conference July 29-August 4.  There is still time to get in on all the fun!! See Polly Tallos or call the church office.

The Thursday night women’s Bible study group has completed studying Romans.  All women are welcome to join us at 7:00 p.m. at Antonia Spector’s home (26211 Dellwood, Grafton) as we begin a new study.  At 8:00 p.m. we stop and take time to enjoy each other’s company with some “diva” stuff!  If you have any questions see Melissa Folk or Antonia Spector after worship or give them a call.

C.E. BOOK EXCHANGE…..Have you checked out the book cart yet?  Thanks to Marlene Daniels and Judy Ponting for their generous donations.  They have expressed their joy someone to share their books with.  Jim Ponting has expressed his relieve at knowing the closet shelf is now saver.  If you have books you have enjoyed reading but don’t want anymore, this is the place to bring them.  Children and adult reading—something for all ages.
					You don’t have to bring a book to take one.