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Text Box: North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
35895 Royalton Rd.                                                                                                                                           Grafton, Ohio 44044
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Minister: Dr. Paul H. Durbin
Licensed Minister: Judy Ponting
Christian Ed. And Youth Director: Polly Tallos
Secretary: Londa Blaine				
Pathways Counseling and Growth Center: Dr. Ralph Thompson
Choir Director: Kyle Vander Schrier
Pianist: Carla McElhaney
Grafton, OH 44044
Permit No. 8
Text Box: Paul’s Place—April 2007

Lou Clark was one of the elders who interviewed me for my first full-time position as a               minister.  After the committee was finished asking me questions, they wanted to know if I had any questions for them.  “As you realize,” I said, “I have been educated as a Methodist minister and we are taught to preach 25 to 30 minute sermons.”  “That’s all right,” said Lou, “you go ahead and preach as long as you want.  When fifteen minutes are up, we will begin to serve communion whether you are done or not.”

Lou Clark died last month and I keep thinking about him.  We haven’t been in close contact over the years.  I haven’t been in close contact with his wonderful daughters.  His three daughters were a major part of the youth groups I lead.  They are a significant part of the joys I experience when I remember that important time in my life.  “You will always be my kids,” I told them after the funeral. They will.  I haven’t been in close contact, but the hymn is true, “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.”  

The funeral was meaningful.  I wanted to speak, but I don’t think I could.  I simply sat and listened and remembered.  It is significant that Lou was not only remembered as a good man, who liked children and puppies.  He was remembered by friends and family as a man of faith.  It was good to hear a eulogy as well as others speak of Lou as a Christian man.  “Christian man” meant that he was a person who had a relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  We didn’t just hear poems and readings about fatherhood and kindness. We heard expressions of the Christian faith.  This was a Christian family remembering a most Christian man.  It speaks well of Lou. He will not only be remembered as a wonderful, outgoing, welcoming person, but also as a person who worshipped God, served his lord through the church, and reared his children as the fine Christian ladies that they truly are.  
Text Box: Borrowing tables and chairs from NECC….We have 65 chairs and 11 tables that are available for our CONGREGATION to use at their home for special occasions.  With the warm weather approaching, their will be family gathers and graduation parties.  DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE to signup to use the tables and chairs.  They are on a first come basis.  YOU MUST sign them out through the OFFICE and make arrangements to pick them up and bring them back on time.  Any questions see Londa Blaine or call 748-2230.