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“Working together to make the difference that matters.”


Text Box: North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
35895 Royalton Rd.                                                                                                                                           Grafton, Ohio 44044
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Minister: Dr. Paul H. Durbin
Licensed Minister: Judy Ponting
Christian Ed. And Youth Director: Polly Tallos
Secretary: Londa Blaine				
Pathways Counseling and Growth Center: Dr. Ralph Thompson
Choir Director: Kyle VanderSchrier
Pianist: Carla McElhaney

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Grafton, OH 44044
Permit No. 8
Text Box: PAUL’S PLACE — January 2007
“More On Flight”

There was once a flock of ducks. They met once a week for inspiration and fellowship.  At one of the meetings, the ducks reached a fevered emotion as the speaker proclaimed, “We are all ducks!”  The ducks shouted back in unison, “We are ducks!”  The speaker went on, “Ducks can fly!”  “Ducks can fly!” responded the flock.  “We are all ducks!” came the good news for a second time, to those who listened.  “We are all ducks!” returned the flock once again.  “We can fly!  We can fly! We can fly!” the speaker concluded.  “We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!” the flock shouted back with enthusiastic joy.  “We can fly!”  After the meeting was over, the ducks all waddled home.

As the New Year begins, my hope and prayer for you is that you will each know your own potential and live up to it.  So many people capable of flight settle for less than what could be.  Some will succumb to a poor self image or the temptation to go the easier, less productive way.  Some will give up after one or two tries.  Some will doubt if the outcome will be worth the effort.  Some will postpone the greatness that could be theirs to what is thought to be a better time and place.  There will be so many who are capable of doing some really great things with their lives who will simply waddle along 2007.

My hope and prayer is for a wonderful New Year for all of you.

(Apologies to Soren Kierkegaard the license I have taken with his parable about the ducks).