Text Box: 	    The VOICE 
“Working together to make the difference that matters.”


Text Box: North Eaton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
35895 Royalton Rd.                                                                                                                                           Grafton, Ohio 44044
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Minister: Dr. Paul H. Durbin
Licensed Minister: Judy Ponting
Christian Ed. And Youth Director: Polly Tallos
Secretary: Londa Blaine				
Pathways Counseling and Growth Center: Dr. Ralph Thompson
Choir Director: Kyle VanderSchrier
Pianist: Carla McElhaney

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Grafton, OH 44044
Permit No. 8
Text Box: Paul’s Place — December 2006
Ricky, alias Cujo, is the older parrot in the house.  When his flight feathers have grown in, he can fly, and he knows it.  The feather clipping routine for Ricky is more                            intense than for Shiraz.  If Ricky gets two flight feathers per wing, he is airborne.  There have been times when he has been on my shoulder and decided that he wanted to be back to his cage, or perch on a picture frame, or walk the mantel over the fire place.  If he wants to do something other than be carried on my shoulder, he makes the decision.  I watch his feather situation closely.  He gets clipped several times a season.  Shiraz is the baby.  She is only two years old and hasn’t experienced flight.  I can let all of her flight feathers grow, and she has no idea what that means.  Her feather clipping routine is once a season.  She stays put.  I have no worries about that.
A few weeks ago, all that changed.  I had Shiraz on my shoulder when something must have startled her.  She jumped from my shoulder and took flight, circling the living room three times and landing on the floor.  She just stood there in the middle of the living room.  I don’t know how one  determines the mood of a bird, but I believe she was surprised by her flight.
There have been times in so many lives where people have been surprised by abilities they didn’t know they had.  It feels great to look back after some accomplishment and say, “Wow! I didn’t know I had it in me.”  It’s equally rewarding when someone nearby says, “I always knew you could do it.”
Over the past many years here, I have witnessed this church accomplish some amazing things.  There were times when I thought we may have taken on more than we could accomplish, but we did it.   
As we prepare for Christmas throughout December, we are also preparing to             resume our Visioning process in January.  We will be spending time in prayer and              reflection on the will of God for the NECC.  We can do this and will do this.  It is such an exciting time to be a part of NECC and the Visioning.  
We can fly.  We can fly, and fly we will.
Text Box: Mark Your Calendar…..
SATURDAY    Dec. 9th      1:30 “Christmas Journey” (Admission free w/non-perishable food item)
SUNDAY         Dec. 10th   12:00  COUNCIL MEETING
			          5:30   Adult Christmas “Potluck” at the Carter’s 
SUNDAY	  Dec. 17th    6:00   “J3” Music Concert  @ NECC fellowship hall (Admission free)